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To not cut herself off from opportunity ,to not stir up anyone tho color should never deter anyone if a person is qualified,shouldnt matter,but actual beauty is not looks either.. But what you described aint beauty but just 'acquired taste' it seems

Not to sound rude, but do you hear yourself?

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Crys how is it her beauty is based on her skintone tho, there is a strong possibility of she needs in her day to day to efficiently fit in for workplace reasons .. To not be the oddball out , since everyone is used to seeing whatever. .

First of all, I used quotations marks when I used the word ‘beauty’.

(The conception of “beauty”)

I was referring to society’s ideals and standards of what makes a human being beautiful. I find it really sad how a lot of people are indoctrinated into believing that their skin/hair is not beautiful.

You actually contradicted your point by mentioning that she may want to fit in the workplace. Who controls the system? My point exactly. Nobody should have to bleach their skin or wear lighter foundations in order to be accepted by the system. Self-love seeks no exterior adjustments.

"Who taught you to hate yourself?"
- Malcolm X

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Our conception of ‘beauty’.

So I’m a MUA at ‘MAC Cosmetics’ and had a client today with beautiful dark skin who asked to purchase a foundation in a shade 5 times lighter than her skin tone. It’s really sad how society has indoctrinated a lot of women with deeper skin tones to feel inferior to lighter complexions. Your self-love should never be validated by anything outside yourself. Stop putting your self-esteem in the hands of others. I am so sick of the media’s definition of ‘beauty’. Beauty is subjective. It’s time to view yourself through your OWN eyes.